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Membership Qualifications

There are two types of memberships available for the National Police Bloodhound Association: individual and senior. Cost of individual membership is $50.00 a year. The cost of a senior Membership is $20.00 a year.

Individual Membership

Open to sworn law enforcement personnel and other individuals possessing police powers. Must have powers of arrest.

Requirements for Membership
  • Individual applicants must be actively using bloodhounds in Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue.

  • Departmental members listed on the application are to be limited to bloodhound handlers only.

  • Applicants must serve a one-year probationary period at which time he or she must submit to the National Police Bloodhound Association search reports, training records, news articles, and so on related to his or her bloodhound activities.

  • The applicant must furnish a letter from the federal, state, county, or municipal department they work through clarifying their status with that agency.

Want to join?

For potential new members, fill out a new member application by clicking here. The application will go to NPBA Vice President Roger Titus. Roger will reach out to you asking specific questions and ask for proof of Law Enforcement credentials.

No Fees

Members of the National Police Bloodhound Association are prohibited from establishing or charging a fee of any kind for performing man trailing services. However, this does not prohibit a member from receiving unsolicited donations or even reasonable expenses for example, travel, food, lodging, and so on.

Membership Information

For more information regarding membership in the National Police Bloodhound Association, send e-mail to Vice President Roger Titus at Or call roger at home 973-875-3808 or on his cell at 862-354-2861.

NPBA One-Year Bloodhound Certification

Certification consists of completing an extensive 40-hour class consisting of classroom instruction, field work, written test, and successful instructor evaluation. Contact the NPBA training coordinator for more information.

Thank you for your interest in the NPBA

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