In order to become a new member of the NPBA we have a detailed form that needs to be downloaded and filled out, then sent to Roger Titus at

Click on the form below, it will open up, after it opens up, in the top right-hand corner of the form you will see a download arrow, click on the arrow and save it to your desktop. Then open the form, fill it out, and save it on your desktop as your name. Once it is saved please email a copy to Roger Titus at the

Please Remember to Attach ALL required documentation to this application as required. Once this application is approved, you will be notified by the Training Administrator. You will then begin a one-year probation period. As a probationary member, you must submit your training records to the Training Administrator when you attend your first NPBA training seminar. Training Seminars are listed on the official NPBA website: The official NPBA Search Report is also on the website, as a probationary member and once as a full member, you are to complete and submit a search report for each of your Bloodhound deployments. The form is generic and there is nothing to compromise you or your agency.


We offer a highly recognized one (1) year Certification at our 40 Hour Man-Trailing Training and Certification Course Seminars held twice a year for One Hound with One Handler per Certification. Certification is offered to any hound ten (10) months or older and with a minimum of six (6) months of handler training records indicating you as the handler.


To get the most out of your NPBA Membership, we encourage you to get involved and regularly attend either one of the regular training seminars annually. You must attend a regular NPBA Training Seminar in order to complete your probationary period in order to become a full member.

If you have any questions please contact the Training Administrator Roger G. Titus at (973) 875-3808.

Visit the NPBA Website regularly for updates and like us on FACEBOOK. Once you become a probationary member, you will be entitled to receive the quarterly publication NOSE NEWS.