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The NPBA with the Help of Marybeth Cline DVM, the American Bloodhound Club, and the American Kennel Club advocated for change in the way AKC views registration.

AKC would only register the transfer or issue PAL registrations to individuals and not agencies or corporations.

Now, for the NPBA Certification to be valid membership to the NPBA is predicated on a By-Law that the Bloodhound must be pure-bred, to ensure the pure-bred status, the AKC Registration either through the transfer of the puppy registration or through the Purebred Alternative Listing when determining the purebred status of a dog used in Law Enforcement and Certified by the NPBA.

The registration for the NPBA is Free of Charge using this form and must be sent to the person who is listed on the form.

  There is one restriction that the AKC upheld. In order to get a PAL Registration, the dog must be either neutered or spayed. No exceptions.

Below is the registration form to do this. Please download the form save it, then fill it out and email it to


AKC PAL Registration Form 

Or mail it to the following address:

American Kennel Club PAL

PO Box 900059

Raleigh, NC 27675-9059

Thank you for your interest in the NPBA  "Setting the standard since 1962"

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