Seminar & Certification Information


The National Police Bloodhound Association (NPBA) teaches basic standards that have been tried and proven from many years of trails by law enforcement officers from all over the country that were found to be sound in the utilization of the man-trailing bloodhound.

Never has any officer member of the National Police Bloodhound Association been proven wrong when challenged in his or her use of the bloodhound in law enforcement by the courts by following the standards that have been set by the National Police Bloodhound Association.

Seminar Information

The National Police Bloodhound Association offers members, a training manual that describes its standards.

Three times a year, the National Police Bloodhound Association hosts a – 40-hour man-trailing training & certification seminars.

The curriculum that is followed adheres strictly to the National Police Bloodhound Association’s training manual standards.

Training is available to all members with single disciplined (man-trailing only) – purebred Bloodhounds, but certification is OFFERED only if the member with his hound meets the set criteria of the association.

The Association is clear in order to become a member, a candidate must be sponsored by a law enforcement agency and possesses powers of arrest. Membership is not available to civilian search and rescue organizations or individuals.

Anyone attending one of the two National Police Bloodhound Association’s 40 Hour Training & Certification Course Seminars which is an approved Licensure and Certification Course of the Maryland Higher Education Commission provided by the Continuing Education Workforce Development Department of Garrett College located in Western Maryland’s Garrett County – McHenry, Maryland will be issued 4 Contact Hours (Continuing Education Units).

The offered certification will be awarded after complete attendance; meeting the minimum bloodhound age; satisfactory review of supplied physical evidence of the required minimum of six months of training records with the hound; and satisfying the requirements of the 32 hours of field evaluation by one of the National Police Bloodhound Association’s fully qualified and competent instructors who are selected on the basis of their ability by the highly qualified and experienced training administration staff.