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Seminar & Certification Information


The National Police Bloodhound Association teaches basic standards that have been tried and proven from many years of trails by law enforcement officers from all over the country and found to be sound in the utilization of the man-trailing bloodhound.

Never has any Officer member of the National Police Bloodhound Association been proven wrong when challenged in his or her use of the bloodhound in law enforcement by the courts by following the standards that have been set by the National Police Bloodhound Association.

Seminar Information

 NPBA hosts the following Seminars annually, open to any member. Members can attend as many seminars as they choose.


  • Winter Seminar in Los Angeles, California in February.

  • Spring Seminar in McHenry, Maryland in April

  • Fall Seminar in Greenville, South Carolina in October.

All Seminars include the 40-hour man-trailing training & certification program (*certification is optional).

The week-long program involves classroom instruction, fieldwork, and evaluation in small groups with senior handlers and instructors.

 New members will receive a training manual that describes our standards.

The traditional NPBA Auction Dinner is held the last night of every Seminar to conclude the program and recognize accomplishments.


Curriculum and Certification

The curriculum that is followed adheres strictly to the National Police Bloodhound Association’s training manual standards.

Training is available to all members with single disciplined (man-trailing only) – purebred Bloodhounds.

Certification will be evaluated for interested members that meet the following criteria:

  • Attend one of the three NPBA Seminars 

  • Bloodhound meeting the minimum age of 10 months old.

  • Handler required to submit a minimum of 6 months training records for self and the certifying bloodhound for review upon arrival at Seminar.

  •  Completion of required 32 hours of field evaluation by one of the highly qualified and certified instructors of the NPBA.

  • Please note the Education Workforce Development Department of Garrett College located in Western Maryland’s Garrett County – offers registrants at McHenry, Maryland  4 Contact Hours (Continuing Education Units).  ​

Please note the Certification option should be selected in the Seminar registration form and is open to all NPBA members.

For more information visit our Membership page


National Police Bloodhound Association Seminars

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