2021 Fall NPBA 40 hour Man-Trailing & Certification Seminar

Hosted by Matthews North Carolina Police Department

October 16th thru the 21st - Matthews, NC

If you are not a member or use to be a member of the NPBA (and you are NOT current on dues), DO NOT FILL OUT THIS REGISTRATION FORM. Reach out to Roger Titus at You will not be able to go to a seminar until you are current on dues.

If you have never been a member of the NPBA, DO NOT FILL OUT THIS REGISTRATION FORM. Reach out to Roger Titus at YOU MUST BE A SWORN OFFICER OF THE LAW, with arrest power in order to join the NPBA and go to a seminar.

Registration is now open for the fall seminar click here to register. 

Membership Renewals
You must be a paid member to attend Seminars and to receive NOSE NEWS. Specific questions regarding membership should be addressed to:
Roger Titus, Vice President/Membership ( or Coby Webb, Treasurer (



The NPBA with the Help of Marybeth Cline DVM, the American Bloodhound Club, and ultimately the American Kennel Club has pushed for a change in the way AKC views registration. AKC would only register the transfer or issue PAL registrations to individuals and not agencies or corporations.

The registration for the NPBA is Free of charge using this form and must be sent to the person who is listed on the form.


This is great news. There is one restriction that the AKC upheld. In order to get a PAL Registration, the dog must be either neutered or spayed. No exceptions.

Click here for more all the information regarding this change and the application to register your Bloodhound.

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